Dr. Saeed Saeedvand

E-mail: saeedvand@tabrizu.ac.ir

Brief Bio:

He received his BSc degree in Computer Software Engineering from Islamic Azad University in 2011, also he received his M.Sc. in Computer Software Engineering from Electrical and Computer Engineering department, University of Tabriz in 2014. Currently, he is Ph.D. student at University of Tabriz. He is working as a lecturer in university of Tabriz and Islamic Azad University of Iran. Also he is working in Humanoid Robots laboratory at University of Tabriz and Islamic Azad University. He has been working on Humanoid Adult-size and Kid-size Robots since 2009. He has few success at different Robotic competitions with humanoid adult-sized and kid-sized robots including:
•3st place at RoboCup 2017(Adult),Nagoya, Japan
•1st place at IranOpen 2017(Adult), Tehran, Iran
•3rd place at RoboCup 2016 (Adult),Leipzig, Germany
•1st place at IranOpen 2015(Adult), Tehran, Iran
•2nd place at IranOpen 2012 (Kid), Tehran, Iran
•1st place at IranOpen 2011 (Kid), Tehran, Iran
•1st place at International Khwarizmi & AUT robotic competitions 2010 (Kid) and etc.
His research interest includes: Robotic, Artificial Intelligence, Control and wireless sensor network. He has been the Leader of all Humanoid Robot projects (Both IRC and SoRoBo teams).

Teaching Courses:

•Artificial Intelligence
•Advanced Computer Programming
•Computer Networks
•Object oriented programming
•Machine and Assembly Language
•Object oriented programming
•Computer Graphics

Scientific Articles:

An efficient automatic secure traffic lights systems for VANETs Download
Localisation and Pre-calculation for Anti-missile Defence Shield System. Download
An energy efficient Metaheuristic method for Micro Robots Indoor area Coverage problem
Weak Consistency Model in Distributed Systems Using Hierarchical Colored Petri Net
Path-finding in Multi-Agent, unexplored And Dynamic Military Environment Using Genetic Algorithm
Modelling causal consistency for distributed systems using hierarchical coloured petri net Download
Solving university scheduling problem with a memetic algorithm Download
A Fast Genetic Algorithm for Solving University Scheduling Problem Download
Modelling of walking humanoid robot with capability of floor detection and dynamic balancing using colored petri net Download