IRC Humanoid Robot Team

Humanoid robots competitions is one of the best opportunities for testing humanoid robot's behavior and capabilities. This competitions are being held in different countries every year which most important of them is RoboCup competitions. Iran Open and RoboCup games are held yearly which has very high quality in different leagues, especially in Humanoid robot leagues.
our basic team members have started their activity in humanoid robot field by kid-size type since 2009 and they have had some different experiences and success in the humanoid kid-size robots with SoRoBo named team previously, (2nd place in Iran open 2012, 1st place in Iran open 2011 in technical challenge, 1st place in AUTCup 2010, 3rd place in Shiraz Sama Cup 2012).
Additionally, our work is building an adult-size robot for soccer game in adult-size challenge. The IRC team Humanoid robot is an adult-size robot, which it is prepared for RoboCup 2017 competitions. In this way, we improved both of hardware and software part after last RoboCup competition, which has been obtained 3rd place in RoboCup 2016 Adult-size league. Our Robot is a completely autonomous robot, which is compatible with RoboCup games Humanoid robot rules. One of the most important aims of our team is implementation of evolutionary algorithms on the humanoid robots. Therefore, we focus on the artificial intelligence Algorithms in this way.